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In 3.2 the phrase "non de mi masuka?" is translated as, "Would you like to try to drink it?" and in the know it section, is prompted with a lit hint which states, "Literally Won't you drink and see?"

I know the nuances aren't very different, but grammatically wouldn't the following be more accurate?

non de mi masuka? -> Will you try (to drink) it? or Will you drink and see? (literally)
non de mi tai desuka? -> Would you like to try to drink it?
non de mi masenka? -> Won't you drink and see?

I'm pretty rusty still, so if you're a guru or a moderator please enlighten me!


I suspect it goes back to the preceding sentences where Kenny was asking if sake was good or not.   Sayaka was saying "try it and see".  This is just my guess, though, but I know that often the context is understood and the grammar doesn't always have to be perfect.  If this is wrong, I'll stand for correction.


こんにちは (Konnichiwa) azenphish and ClaudiaR-sc5G,

Thanks for your question!

You're absolutely correct on that one! Only のんで みません か (nonde mimasen ka) should be translated as "won't you drink and see."

We've recently updated all of the English and literal translations for the Interactive Audio lessons so they should be far more accurate now! Sorry if this caused any confusion. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

べんきょう を がんばって ください! (Benkyō  o ganbatte kudasai!)


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