Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Feedback and Comments Can I select which "Write It" test to follow?

Can I select which "Write It" test to follow?


I noticed that you have just introduced the Kanji version of the "Write It" test. Can you make it so that I can select which "Write It" test to do. I think it is an overkill to have 2 "Write It" tests together. Some students may loose interest if they have to spend too much time to complete 2 tests that are basically the same. For me, I'll choose the Kanji version. Thank you.


Hi John K103, Thank you for your post. Unfortunately it's not possible at the moment to choose between the Write It tests I'm sorry. However, we will keep a note of your feedback, and if we receive similar comments we will definitely raise the issue with our course development team. I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any further feedback.

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