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Can’t shift Hiragana Using iOS Kana Keyboard


Is anyone else unable to shift hiragana when using the Rocket Languages app using the Kana keyboard on iOS? Whenever I try to type hiragana such as がばだぱ, etc I’m just stuck with the ^_^ key instead. It’s as though the shift key (or whatever you call it) flashes on for a few milliseconds and then flips back to ^_^. This makes it impossible to do the Write It Native lessons. I’m using iOS 11.3.1 on an iPhone 8 and Rocket Languages is fully updated. This appears to only be a problem using the Rocket Languages app, as I’m able to shift those keys while typing this post right now. It also isn’t a problem when using Rocket Languages in Safari, it’s just the app. 


Hi haneybd87,

Are you still having trouble typing in Kana on your iOS? We did release an update about a week ago that should have fixed it, however if you are still having problems, please let our support team know! 


It appears to be working as it should again, thanks. 

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