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can't stop notifications


About every 30 seconds, it keeps notifying me that I have achieved a new badge.  This makes it very hard to study.  How do I turn this constant notification off?  Going to my progress does not help!  This seems to be a new bug in the program.


I am also having this problem as of this morning! I am using Rocket French. Today is an 18-day streak for me and have never experienced this before. But this morning I get constant notifications that I've achieved a new badge when i haven't even done anything. 


haha, i just got a 'new badge' for posting a comment. 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Thank you very much for contacting us and for your feedback. . Yes, there was a glitch with the site yesterday; the issue was reported to our tech support team and they have gone ahead and fixed the problem; everything should work as usual now. 

Kind Regards!

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