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Hello everyone, my question is simply, what happened to the section for Certificate tests? Is it removed or where can I find it? ありがとうございます


They removed the certificate tests in the 2014 edition. They are considering adding section tests soon.


Hi Daniel and Robert, Thanks for your question Daniel. Robert is correct, we removed the Certificate Tests with the release of the 2014 Edition, but because of the feedback that we have received, we are considering adding these or similar tests back to the course. There's nothing planned just at the moment, but it's certainly on our To-Do list.


Students who are serious in studying Japanese language will likely take the JLPT examinations. But I still think it is good to include certification tests at the end of each level in RJ. The purpose of the certification is not to gather for more certificates but to provide students a chance to gauge their own progress and to learn from their mistakes.


I agree. I am relatively new here on RJ and so I never saw the test (I did not even know they existed). However, even though I have never seen them, I still think they are a good idea. I for one would find them useful to check that I have mastered the material I have studied in one section before moving on to the next.


I agree ^, when I was doing German I found them very useful!


Is there a certification for completion of Level 1 Italian?


Hi Cedch -  Level 1 of Rocket Italian was missing the Certification Test for Module 7. That is now there.

Level 1 can be considered complete when all the Module Certification tests are done. 


Just while we are on the testing,  just this recent December I took the official Japanese Language Proficiency Test for N5 level and passed the test. There are 5 levels N1 to N5. While I like tests, the JLPT is mentioned in our course which prompted me to look into it.

I am fairly confident that this entire course should get any Japanese learner to N5 ability as specified. My online results are here https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs9XWgVgOMI/
To get the all A levels at the base for Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading you need to have an accuracy of over 67%, the entire test is balanced based on different questions carrying different weight.

I would strongly suggest guiding people into a method of learning and finally directing them to these tests as it is an official certificate from a Japanese Government authorised body.


I just noticed the Japanese test is gone, too.  I was testing myself periodically and I miss the test.  It really motivated me to see that I was improving.  Please bring them back.


Hi Claudia - The tests are still there. We have however moved the My Benchmark tests to its own page, which can be accessed under My Tools > My Benchmark.

Please let us know if this resolves your issue, or whether it is something else!



Thank you.  It is there and I really appreciate it.   I love testing myself once in a while to see if I am learning.

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