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Conversation glitches in rocket record that do not work


I have been entirely through the Rocket Japanese course and have been focusing on the conversation previously known as play it. The auto voice recognition scores you and I hope to achieve 100% in all lessons for this section. 

However the rocket record and voice recognition does not work for all modules. I have scored 100% on all lessons except the following:

6.1 Formal Introductions - フォード の ケニー スクワヤ で ございます。Ford no Kenny Squire de gozaimasu. This is only scoring me as 70% despite perfect pronunciation. I have even put two native Japanese people in front of both my PC and iPhone and they are getting the same result. This is a recording glitch in the system as there is an inconsistency in the spelling of kenny squire through the entire course.

6.2 Gift Giving - あたらしい Ford の トラック の かぎ です。新しいFordのトラックの鍵です。Atarashii Ford no torakku no kagi desu. Exactly the same problem as above. Except the script is registering 100% accuracy for words by only scoring 70% and even native Japanese people are getting scored low on this. System glitch.

6.4 Confirming the Meeting - スクワヤさん、先ほどは大変失礼致しました。Squire-san, sakihodo wa taihen shitsurē itashimashita. Same as above. Only getting 80% accuracy on this and the big issue is the completely ridiculous name of kenny squire and even native Japanese people are failing on this one even after 10 attempts. System glitch or just a bad name to use in the course.

8.0 Last Weekend - ええ、お陰様で元気です。Ee, okagesama de genki desu. - Same as above. 80% score and the recorder is completely missing ee

10.1 At the Doctor - ええ。今朝から頭ががんがん痛いんです。Ee, kesa kara atama ga gangan itai-n desu. - Major recording glitch and system mistake. It is only scoring 38% for this and is registering all words as correct except gangan comes out as red and in katakana except for hiragana and it is scoring this as a fail.

10.4 Making a Complaint - 昨日鯖を五切れ買ったんですが、家に帰って開けたらちょっと変な臭いがしたんです。Kinō saba o go-kire katta-n desu ga, uchi ni kaette aketara chotto hen na nioi ga shita-n desu. Again major glitch in system by coming up with roman numerals for 5 and scoring a total fail on this one.

Is there a way these lessons can be repaired to accurately score a person speaking instead of producing failure results.



I can cross 6.2 off the list. It appears on an iPhone app in a very quiet room it will pick up the conversation 100% if spoken very slowly.


Hi Tony, 

Thank you for pointing these phrases out to us. Let us test them and see what we can do.

Keep in mind that we rely on an external database of words for voice recognition so it can be tricky with obscure words (like "Squire"). Unfortunately the audio was recorded years before we introduced voice recognition (or even imagined it was possible!) so sometimes we need to do a manual workaround to get it working. 

In the meantime, if you come across other phrases like these, please do pass them on!

- The Rocket Languages Team


Thanks, I will keep trying them and others and let you know. I can see that the voice recorder is recognising the words and sometimes writing the correct katakana but if the word in the course is in hiragana you will get scored poorly for your pronunciation.

Luke san

just to add to this, in some of the first lessons, e.g. 1.1 with the phrase, おなまえはなんですか?
it only marks it as 80% as it highlights なん in red, however if you just say; おなまえはですか? the voice recognition adds in the word なん and marks it 100% for some reason...


I have noticed a few like that as well. Also if you go to an iPhone after repeated failures on the PC there is a better than average chance you will score 100%.

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