How many people are active here?



I was wondering how many people are currently active in Rocket Japanese. I've been using RJ for the last two weeks and have had some decent success (I think), but when I took my first trip into the forums everything seems rather empty... :(

I'm taking a break from the audio lessons and I'm going to start memorizing Hiragana and Katakana since I'm getting a bit flustered from learning sentence formation and I'd rather learn something that's simple-ish.

Side note - At first, I wanted to learn Japanese because I was bored and thought it would be cool to be able to read manga in Japanese. Now that I'm two weeks in, I'm not even sure if I want it bad enough. Lol. (Does Japanese have an "lol" equivalent?) Regardless, I'd be happy to add people on Skype if you want to practice.

Have a great day!



Hi Michael,

It is not easy to learn a foreign language especially the Japanese and Chinese languages. I have learnt Japanese through RJ for the past 2 years and have gained some proficiency in Japanese through the RJ course. I even passed the JLPT N3 level in December last year.

You need to have perseverance and a lot of determination to learn the language, especially the first few months. After you make it through the first year, you will want to continue till you fully master the language. So please keep it up.   頑張ってください。


I can kinda see why people give up learning this particular language. Every time I encounter something brand new (i.e. counters, katakana, lack of plurals, cultural politeness things, etc.) I feel like it's another 3 months or so of studying before I can even focus on vocab. 


Well, I think this is the difference between a success and a failure. If you can motivate yourself and keep going without thinking of giving up, you will enjoy the results of your hard work at the end. I am glad that I managed to preserve and continue with the journey of learning through RJ. I have set a target of passing the JLPT N1 by end of next year.

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