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How to complete the "Write It" Lessons?


I have been confused about this for some time, and I feel obnoxious for posting more questions, but how do I complete the "Write It" section of the courses? I'm going through the rest of the material well enough, but I have been skipping the written sections for the time being. How did you do it? Am I supposed to reference Hiragana tables to write it all out? Am I supposed to come back to these sections later, after I've learned it on my own? I don't think i'm going about this course right. Currently I'm going vertically across the lessons , so i've made it through a couple Hiragana lessons so far, but not enough to translate these words with the on screen keyboard. All help is welcome! Arigato!


You can go through the course in many ways. You just have to find a way that is easier for you. However, it seems that the write it! lessons are somewhat misplaced. I personally think that you should go through all the writing lessons first, master the kana charts and then return to the write it lessons :)


When I first started the Write It Sections, I had a mediocre understanding of the Hiragana and Katakana. Unfortuantely, this section is a bit clugy for several reasons: 1. You must match up the kana exactly as it is written in the answer key (a.k.a. Not Rated section). 2. You also need to know how to use the virtual keyboard, as there are times when you need the diagraphs and diacritics (e.g. きゃ and ぎゃ). If I can, I usually leave this part for last or go back and do it over again! Best suggestion is go through the Lessons that deal with Hiragana one by one, practicing writing out the symbols as outlined in each Writing section. Keep pracicing, over and over again. Just to give you an idea, I've been writing kana now since May 2013, and I can honestly say that I haven't got it down yet. I have to write it at least 100 times a week just to stay focused and to recognize the kana in each context. For now, コッド - san states, just continue to go thorugh the charts (or the lessons on Writing) until you are comfortable with the Hirgana and Katakana, then go back and try the Write It Sections.


Thanks you guys! It just bugs me knowing that I have missing chunks in otherwise complete areas >.< I guess I'll have to live with it for now!


こんにちは Paulさん、 I agree. It is annoying to see blank sections in your otherwise complete lessons but ideally you should first master the Japanese "alphabet" (ひらがな + カタカナ) before moving forward with the course as this will make things a lot easier when you do the Write It section and also as you will be able to read and recognise the Japanese sentences in the units. However, if it's too overwhelming in the beginning I suggest you aim to learn just ひらがな first as カタカナis usually reserved only for foreign words E.g. Words derived from English). :) がんばってください。 Lisa

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