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I have finished 3.15 of Rocket Japanese...


...where do I go now, for further study? I am still only a beginner, and need way more practice in grammar etc. Do I have to get my own text- and workbook, or what?


What package do you have? Rocket Languages offers other tiers of languages from Premium Plus to Platinum. They extend out and beyond the regular basics.


Just out of curiosity, if you have Rocket Japanese, full version, then you should have the following: Survival Kit Sections 4.1 -- 4.15 Sections 5.1 -- 5.13 Sections 6.1 -- 6.15 Sections 7.1 -- 7.7 You may want to check your Dashboard and confirm this.


No, I haven't seen this; how do I get the full version?!


Premium plus to Platinum sounds like it costs money, right? And I have no way of paying for anything online... :-(


Sorry for my confusion Claire. For the record I have Rocket Japanese Premium, full version. Is this not what you have as well?


Claireさん、 こんにちは。 May I ask what package you are using at the moment? There are 3 different packages available: Rocket Japanese Premium, Rocket Japanese Premium Plus and Rocket Japanese Platinum. And am I correct in that you refer to the Writing unit when you said that you have finished 3.15? You should be able to see more sections. There's a total of 7 sections (except Language & Culture-6). Also if you look at the tab menu where there is Interactive Audio, Language&Culture, Writing.. you should find a "Games" and a "Survival kit" menu for additional practice. Hope this helped. :) Lisa

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