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I have finished 3.15 of Rocket Japanese...


Just out of curiosity, if you have Rocket Japanese, full version, then you should have the following: Survival Kit Sections 4.1 -- 4.15 Sections 5.1 -- 5.13 Sections 6.1 -- 6.15 Sections 7.1 -- 7.7 You may want to check your Dashboard and confirm this.


Claireさん、 こんにちは。 May I ask what package you are using at the moment? There are 3 different packages available: Rocket Japanese Premium, Rocket Japanese Premium Plus and Rocket Japanese Platinum. And am I correct in that you refer to the Writing unit when you said that you have finished 3.15? You should be able to see more sections. There's a total of 7 sections (except Language & Culture-6). Also if you look at the tab menu where there is Interactive Audio, Language&Culture, Writing.. you should find a "Games" and a "Survival kit" menu for additional practice. Hope this helped. :) Lisa


No, I haven't seen this; how do I get the full version?!


Premium plus to Platinum sounds like it costs money, right? And I have no way of paying for anything online... :-(


Sorry for my confusion Claire. For the record I have Rocket Japanese Premium, full version. Is this not what you have as well?


...where do I go now, for further study? I am still only a beginner, and need way more practice in grammar etc. Do I have to get my own text- and workbook, or what?


What package do you have? Rocket Languages offers other tiers of languages from Premium Plus to Platinum. They extend out and beyond the regular basics.

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