Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Feedback and Comments Is there a way replace Romanized text on Quizs with Japanese?

Is there a way replace Romanized text on Quizs with Japanese?


The check box on My profile has removed romanization from the lessons, but all the multiple choices on the quizes are romanized : (

marieg-rocket languages

Hi celesstar,

Thank you for the feedback; because of the way in which the Quiz was designed, it is not possible to remove romanization from these tests, I apologize; but as you mentioned, all other sections can be done without the romanization. 

I have forwarded your comments to our Product Development team for their review. 

Kind Regards!


I understand if romanization cannot be removed from the quizzes, but can kana / kanji be added?


I would agree to changing the quizes to all questions and answers in Japanese and no English to really test ability.

marieg-rocket languages

I appreciate and thank you for your feedback; I have added 夫婦茶碗's comments to our log and forwarded it to our Management team. 

Kind Regards!

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