Is this product worth the purchase?


How has this product helped with your Japanese? Do you forum members believe I should spend money on it?


Rocket Japanese is extremely helpful, you can use it with confidence. This product has taught me about 60-70% of all the Japanese that I know and I am absolutely sure that I wouldn't have managed to pass the JLPT N3 test without its help ! You should buy each level as you advance through the courses. After you finish the first level, buy the second one, and after you finish that one, buy the third one. No need to buy them all at once, because finishing a level takes some time. For example, I bought 1 level each year and finished the course in about 3 years :). The best thing is that you can learn at your own pace (here, 3 years was my pace, which was really slow due to the lack of free time on my part). Hope it helps you too if you decide to buy it :)


Hi ElyOfIce, If you're serious about learning Japanese then Rocket is a great investment. I bought it ages ago but have only just started really learning and taking it seriously. Like コッド さん said above, you can use these courses to learn the language and culture of Japan at your own comfortable pace, which is fantastic if you have other commitments. I myself am very pleased and impressed with the quality of Rocket Japanese and I don't regret spending the cash! Hope this helps a little :)


I will admit that I was skeptical at first about the product, but the clincher for me was the ability to do the six day free trial. I was able to then realize the value of the various learning tools provided in Premium Japanese. Being able to see, repeat, write, and understand Japanese in a classroom (virtual) and in a culture aspect is what makes this product well worth the money.

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