JLPT course please!!!

Have you guys ever thought about creating a package on passing the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) I would buy this in a second if it could help prepare me for the test and then you could always create new packages for the other levels this would be fantastic I don't know of anyone else that has done this yet and it might be in high demand maybe put up a poll or something and see if people are interested. I know that I am. Please let me know if you might consider this. Brian Sumpter


Brian san, We are always delighted to hear from enthusiastic learners like you concerning what we can do for our learners. We understand the necessity of a JLPT package and will definitely keep this in mind as we continue to develop new and fun learning packages in the future. :lol: However, Rocket Japanese products have focused on developing products for learners who desire to learn "street-wise" Japanese. That is, the real Japanese you hear on the streets of Tokyo! Having said that, our focus is more on conversations and speaking skills rather than getting the grammar 100% perfect, which sometimes hinders people from holding conversations. Well, Brian-san, we thank you again for your enthusiasm and your feedback. The Rocket Japanese Team. Arigato! :D

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