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Katakana table not set up right in chrome


In lesson 3.11, the katakana table is not set up right (at least in Chrome, which is the recommended browser for Rocket).  The first row has A I U E O and the second has the corresponding katakana.  Every subsequent row starts with the Latin letter under the A column, followed by up to 4 katakana characters under I U E O, respectively.  It seems whoever was making the table forgot to leave a column at the beginning for the Latin consonants, which have been placed where the katakana 'a' syllagrams should go, and all the syllagrams have been shifted to the right, with the 'o' syllagrams getting cut off.  Please correct as soon as possible.


Hey. It's good someone else reported it too. The hiragana table has the same issue. I reported it a few days ago but I haven't gotten a response. Maybe the forum will be a more effective channel than the "contact us" section.


Hi everyone,

We have fixed up the lesson and removed the incorrect table. Thank you for taking the time to report the issue to us!

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