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Hello, I am a little confused by how the different lesson categories work. I was going through the Interactive Audio Lessons, which was great. But then moving on to Language & Culture, the number of new items in each lesson doubles or even triples sometimes, and are mostly just words without any context, dialog, or phrases to practice. For example, in 1.6 we get a bunch of words for pronunciation practice, but the flashcards test memorization. Are the students expected to memorize all the words in Language & Culture, or are those optional? Thank you,


Hi Boris,
I think you're question went unnoticed because of major changes to Rocket. (・・;)

In later modules the Language & Culture lessons tie into the earlier Interactive Audio lessons. They usually provide grammar clarification and additional vocabulary. It's up to you if you want to memorize the whole stack before moving on or come back to the vocab stack at a later date.


Hi BorisG and teacup, 

Our apologies for the late response and for any confusion caused. 

We have recently updated the Language & Culture lessons, which now align with JLPT level N5. The new lessons are more consistent with the number of audio examples, and build upon the vocab and grammatical concepts introduced in each lesson. You should also find the explanations easier to follow and more explained in more detail.

Note that the Reinforcement Activities are not compulsory (i.e. you won't be locked out of any lessons by not doing them) so you can pick and choose the activities that you find the most useful. So, if you don't like the Flashcards, you can always skip them, or even revisit them later on as a refresher on the lesson.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

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