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Lesson 1.6 Bug

Eos Et Iris

In the Know-It and Flash Card sections of Lesson 1.6 the Know-It and Flash Card for "Yoshiko" is bugged. This is how they appear in each section.

The previous word or phrase is shown again, but when you say it it doesn't accept it. Upon saying "Yoshiko" it accepts your answer. The Reveal shows the Hiragana spelling よしこ and below the previous word/phrase.

Flash Card:
The Flash Card is empty. When you flip it, it shows

I have screenshots of both of these cases if you want/need them.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Eos Et Iris, 

Thank you for your feedback on this lesson.  I have forwarded your message to our tech support team and they will correct any mistakes as soon as possible.

Thanks again;

Kind Regards!

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