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Lesson 3.7 Recording/Transcription Problem



I use Chrome and Android to complete lessons. Every now and then, I'm having difficulty with the recording grades. I'll say something correctly, but the recording will be transcribed/evaluated incorrectly, like with kanji instead of numbers (一 vs 1) or hiragana instead of kanji (さくら vs 桜). It doesn't drastically affect my grading, but it's annoying to see. One occurence of this was with Lesson 3.7:


Sentence → 一昨日9時まで帰りませんでした。CT

                       おととい く じ まで かえりません でした。

                       The day before yesterday (I) did not return home until nine o’clock.

Transcription from Recording → おとといくじまでりませんでした


It's showing I messed up on 帰, but I see no significant difference between what I said, what the original said, and what was transcribed. I guess it might be misgrading that it's not in hiragana, but as far as I know, that's not something I can control. Anyone else having similar issues? I see feedback about the audio on the forums, but I haven't seen this sentence brought up yet, so sorry if it's already known.

marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi frillish, 


Thank you for your feedback. 


Unfortunately, the course does have some issues when reading numbers for the time being; and as you said, sometimes it mixes the different writing systems; our tech team is continiously working a long-term solution for this, but in the meantime, if you get a poor rating, we recommend that you send the phrases through the “Got feedback?” link on the left hand side of the page (when on a browser), and we can review each phrase individually. 


We have re-calibrated the phrase you submitted and so it should be more accurate now; I tried on my end, and I did get 100% on the voice recognition, if the phrase is still giving you problems, please let us know and we can review it further. 


Kind Regards 


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