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Lesson 6.4 discrepancy between audio lesson and text



I am going through lesson 6.4 and noticed that Kenny's second line is different in the audio from what is displayed on the page.

The page shows:
あした の こと を かくにん したかった だけ です から。
Ashita no koto o kakunin shitakatta dake desu kara.
I just want to confirm about [the meeting] tomorrow with you.

However, the audio has him saying したい instead of したかった. I was waiting for them to explain this but the host then moves on to the next part of the conversation. I'm assuming したかった is past tense because he's referring to the previous phone call? That makes more sense to me than using したい but are both forms valid here?


Do you remember the time code where this occurs? I was just listening to the beginning of the lesson, and when the sentence is first introduced at about the 6:05 mark, Kenny says 「したかった」 as written. 


It is around the 13:10 mark, when they are breaking that part of the conversation down. 


I see what you mean. It's just a change in tense but it's confusing since it doesn't match the dialogue they're breaking down. 

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