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Lesson Flow Disorder (and a General Comment)



In Module 3.8, the play/record conversation boxes and some of the text is disordered. Some misplacements are obvious, some leave me confused as to where they should be exactly, and the audio/record box that's apparently supposed to be at the very end (based on what the text says) I don't even know if it's anywhere at all.

In Module 3.12, a chunk of Katakana sounds, videos, and text are misplaced. 

In Module 3.13, the "sa"-line of Katakana is misplaced.

In Module 4.11, the "ha"- and "ba"-line audio boxes and text are misplaced.

In Module 4.12, the "ma"-line audio box is misplaced, and after Sayaka's name at the end, more lesson text is misplaced.

In Module 4.14, the "ra"-line audio box and text is misplaced.

In Module 4.15, the "wa/wo/N" audio box and text is misplaced.

Regarding the Katakana lessons, except for Module 4.12 which also has misplaced text at the end, the misplaced audio, text, and/or videos are always at the very top before any intro statements.

In many ways this overall program seems very good and has a lot of great tools; I appreciate the work that has been put in, and I'm grateful to those who have helped. But it upsets me that I, a random user, has to spend the time to point out so many simple errors. It's as though the pages were hastily published without a look to verify coherence.


Hi JohnB232,

Thank you for your feedback on the course, and our apologies for the frustration you've experienced. We are currently working on reviewing and updating all levels of Japanese which will correct the issues you mentioned above. 

To date, we have released newly written Language & Culture lessons. In the next few weeks we will be releasing new Writing lessons and Survival Kit lessons too. Level 1 now aligns with JLPT level N5. You can find the announcement here:

In the coming months, you can expect to see us roll out updates to Levels 2 and 3 as well. 

I hope you find the new lessons useful!

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