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Lesson Flow Disorder (and a General Comment)


In Module 3.8, the play/record conversation boxes and some of the text is disordered. Some misplacements are obvious, some leave me confused as to where they should be exactly, and the audio/record box that's apparently supposed to be at the very end (based on what the text says) I don't even know if it's anywhere at all.

In Module 3.12, a chunk of Katakana sounds, videos, and text are misplaced. 

In Module 3.13, the "sa"-line of Katakana is misplaced.

In Module 4.11, the "ha"- and "ba"-line audio boxes and text are misplaced.

In Module 4.12, the "ma"-line audio box is misplaced, and after Sayaka's name at the end, more lesson text is misplaced.

In Module 4.14, the "ra"-line audio box and text is misplaced.

In Module 4.15, the "wa/wo/N" audio box and text is misplaced.

Regarding the Katakana lessons, except for Module 4.12 which also has misplaced text at the end, the misplaced audio, text, and/or videos are always at the very top before any intro statements.

In many ways this overall program seems very good and has a lot of great tools; I appreciate the work that has been put in, and I'm grateful to those who have helped. But it upsets me that I, a random user, has to spend the time to point out so many simple errors. It's as though the pages were hastily published without a look to verify coherence.

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