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Lets vote to remove Kenny Squire from the Japanese course


I and probably a few others who use the voice recognition and pronunciation am having trouble pronouncing the name Kenny Squire in Japanese.

It is not a good name for Japanese phonetics and is a detriment to the entire course. It is an unusual name and not being able to prnounce it in Japanese phonetics means that you will be scored extremely low in the voice recognition.

Even worst than being scored extremely low is the fact that if the name is at the beginning of the sentence and you do not pronounce it how the course likes it then it will cease voice recording and not even allow you to finish saying the sentence and then score you a complete zero for speech.

This is not good for learning Japanese and is a a detriment rather than a benefit. I suggest to Rocket Japanese Could you please consider removing the difficult name kenny squire from the entire course and could you instead replace it with something like john smith which would be much easier to change into Japanese phonetics than a name like kenny squire which is of no benefit to anyone learning Japanese.

If anyone feels the same way then please put your opinions down.

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