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Level 1, 3.1 audio mistake (noborimasuka vs noboremasuka)



I've just listened to the lesson audio for Level 1, lesson 3.1, and noticed an error in Kenny's rendition of "Can you drive up the mountain," at around 14 minutes into the audio. While Sarah explains that we're about to change the verb to make it say "can you ~", Kenny then goes on to say "noborimasuka", which is the normal form. It should be "noboremasuka", just as it is in the full conversation.


The lesson is correct. You need to go back and look at the verb conjugation.

登りますか - meaning will we climb

登れますか - meaning CAN we climb, the verb conjugation changes to express and ability

行く - meaning to go 

行ける - by changing the form means able to go.

It takes time and it is hard. The verb conjugation can be subtle and difficult. Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn. In the above lesson you are referring to the the gist of the conversation is that they are discussing climbing Mount Fuji which is in the correct form. They then move on to the e conjugation which outlines an ability to do something  



I believe FelixK2 is correct. The starting timestamp is 14:24. (This is in the the newer audio, not the old audio which is still available as a download.) The dialogue goes like this:
Sarah: Again we use the verb, "to climb"…
Kenny: のぼりー (nobori-)
Sarah: But we are using a form of it that allows us to say "can", as in "can you go to the mountain by car?" The…
Kenny: か (ka)
Sarah: you'll hear at the end makes it a question.
Kenny: やまをのぼますか。(yama wo noborimasuka)

As the Interactive Audio Lesson continues, Kenny repeatedly says 「のぼますか」(noborimasuka)  but below in the "Activity: Play It!" section it's written:
くるま で やま を のぼれます か?
You can climb [go] up the mountain by car?


Thank you for the transcript. I'll just add one more line for completeness:

Kenny: やまをのぼますか。(yama wo noborimasuka)
Sarah: Can you go up the mountain? Your turn.

I think only noticed it because I'd already learned the potential form elsewhere, outside of Rocket Japanese; I imagine somebody who hasn't seen it before might end up rather confused about how this >>form [...] that allows us to say "can"

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