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Module 7 Where did all the transcripts go?


I was hoping for Japanese only transcripts for module 7, but when I checked today all the transcripts are completely gone. Is that a permanent change? A temporary change? An error?

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Hi 夫婦茶碗, 

Sorry, I am not sure if I am missing something, but Module 7 doesn't have transcripts, the PDF files need to be downloaded or saved from within each lesson, in Module 7 you would find all the conversations, reviews, and role plays, but not written information. If meant something else, please let me know. 

Kind Regards


7.3 say:

We've used the All Conversation dialog minus Kenny's lines. To play simply fill in Kenny's parts using the transcript.

(7.4 says the same, only Sayaka is substituted for Kenny.)

That makes it sound like there should be a transcript in the module, not that you need to comb through the earlier modules for the transcripts (if needed).


To add another point, many of the dialogues in 7.4 begin with Sayaka asking Kenny a question.  Unless a user has memorized all the the dialogues in order, role-playing as Sayaka is impossible. I tried advancing through the modules as the audio played, but the audio outpaced the page loads.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi 夫婦茶碗

Thank you, and our apologies for the confusion; the transcripts have never been in the last Module; if you would like to follow the conversation along though, you can download the PDF files from the individual levels and then you can pull them as you go through the role plays. 

Kind Regards!

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