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No kanji for foreign countries in lesson 1.6?


I have mastered Hiragana and Katakana, but I also realize that in order to truly become proficient in the Japanese language, I'm going to have to master kanji.  So I've been studying with books I have available along with what is present on Rocket Japanese.  And when I revisited Chapter 1.6  (spoilers if you haven't progressed this far), I noticed that Japan, China, and Korea had kanji characters to study, but the non Asian places such as America, Canada, or France didn't.  Is this a bug of some sort?  Or are the kanji for these countries just not used by the Japanese public in everyday conversation?

toru e

I get the impression that it had  to do with the proximity of those countries to Japan which accounts for frequency in usage. The western countries seem to remain in Katakana. I did notice though that アメリカ would be used for referring to the US, but when referring to the continent, it would be 米.


I figured as much.  I've also done some reading on my own and found out that the kanji for America which is the bei that you just posted, which also means rice, is mostly only used in newspapers (I've seen that kanji when watching Japanese news).  I was also curious because the character Terryman from the classic manga/anime Kinnikuman has that exact same kanji on his forehead.

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