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Question about early-lesson "Kanji of the Day" sections


I am currently about halfway through the beginner course on Japanese, and I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to handle the Kanji of the day sections that appear in some lessons. Am I supposed to learn how to read them, read and write them, or just familiarize myself with their usage? The reason I ask is because the hiragana and katakana lessons give you many examples of their usage and show you the specific strokes for writing the characters, while the "Kanji of the Day" sections aren't nearly as detailed. I'd hate to teach myself the incorrect way of writing or using them. Will these kanji be covered more thoroughly in the intermediate and advanced lessons or should I prioritize learning them now with what's provided?


Kanji will not be covered through the course. It is something that you are better off doing individually and probably with textbooks that you can buy for Japanese study if you are that serious about it.

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