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Quizzes are frustrating and other inconsistencies



I'm in Level 1, Module 2, and the quizzes are a regular annoyance for me.

Just finished 2.6, where we learned important things like how to say so many minutes, so many hours. In Module 1 we learned the counter for 100, but nothing higher than that.

What's in the quiz? How many weeks are in a year, how many seconds are in a year, etc. We haven't been taught yet how to say days, weeks, or how to count over 100, let alone 525,600. Usually it's one or two questions, but half this quiz were words not in the lessons.

Also, the sentences don't always match from the audio lesson to the cultural lesson. Audio lesson told me "きょうと  えき  は  どう やって  いきます か?", cultural lesson changes it to "きょうと  えき   は  どう やって  いきます か". Is it okay to drop the ni? When can you do that? There's been similar small changes in other lessons too, and sometimes it's explained but most the time it isn't.


Hi MidknytOwl,

Thank you for your feedback. We have recently updated the Language & Culture lessons so you should no longer have this problem with the quizzes there. I hope that helps!

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