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Recording transcription trouble


I've noticed that some modules in the Japanese course have issues with transcribing the recordings. Specifically, the transcription will select a hiragana/kanji that is phonetically correct, but does not match the 'solution' for the lesson.

A strong example of this is Module 1.7, where 'kudasai' consistently transcribes (in my experience) as ください, while the "solution" uses 下さい. I've seen similar issues in a couple other modules so far, but 1.7 is the most consistent.


It happens regularly throughout the entire course. If you are confident you got it right jut give yourself the better score. Some PC microphones are not good but if you are doing the course on an iphone then the recording is much more accurate.


Hi OrionM and Tony, 

Thank you for your feedback. We are always trying to make the voice recognition work as best as it can, so if you do come across any phrases that aren't working so well, please report them and we can take a look!

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