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I have some suggestions to improve Rocket Japanese:
For “Write it”
  1. I notice the program is very particular with spaces, which is frustrating to me, as Japanese doesn’t use spaces.
  2. There is no indication when katakana is wanted, rather than hiragana. I know for loan words to use Katakana, but for example in the Section 5 test it was asking for katakana for numbers (like jyuu).
For “Know it”
Maybe develop more prompts for the level of politeness (especially for lessons 6.X where ther are multiple politeness levels in play).
For “Say it”
I notice Saiyaka tends to pronounce the “u” in “desu” or “masu”. Is that just Osaka accent?


Oh, that's a bit disappointing: NO RESPONSE FROM ROCKET!

Does that mean that this forum "Japanese Feedback and Comments" is not moderated?

I would like to get info to the Rocket Team so that they can improve this marvellous course.
The previous poster's comments I fully endorse.

I would like to add that Quiz 6.9 Question 4 has unfinished work in it. In parentheses, it is said "This translates as" with nothing after that!

With best wishes for your continuing success, Rocket Team,
Barry S-22


This course has changed dramatically over the three years since this post was started. They are changing things for the better compared to how it started. At least they are listening now in forums.

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