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I don't know that this is a "bug" but the interface appears a little…overzealous…about vocabulary I have added to "My Vocab". For example, I added いま earlier so that I would remember that it can mean "living room" and the kanji 居間 for that translation. Except now, every instance of いま appears in bold, even if it's completely unrelated:
- おはよう ございま
- また会いましたね!
- ありがとう ござい ました。

(I've also noticed this issue after adding にほん / 二本 / two sticks to "My Vocab".)

I add vocabulary using the star toggle and also by highlighting words. Did I do something wrong? Is there a setting I need to check or uncheck?



Mine has always done that.  Maybe it is supposed to?


Thanks for your reply.

I think it's unhelpful to emphasize the kana in unrelated words, but maybe it's a limitation of the interface programming? I will adjust my lists accordingly, but hopefully a fix for it will be added in the future.


Hello all

Unfortunately MyVocab can't determine whether Japanese characters are a part of a word, or a full word. With the current version we aren't able to make that work better, but we do have plans to rethink how the MyVocab system works sometime next year.

Sorry we can't help for now, but thank you for the feedback! If you have any further comments that you'd like us to consider, just let us know here.

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