Well done Rocket Languages !



I have recently finished all the RJP lessons and I would like to leave some feedback about this wonderful site ! This website has managed to create an excellent environment for language learners and has adopted an interesting learning method through which one can practice all the esential skills for learning a new leanguage: reading, listening, writing and speaking, not to mention all the wonderful lessons about the culture and traditions of the respective language. Everything was made easy to understand and comprehend, thus making the language learning process quite enjoyable :). For me, Rocket Japanese was a powerful tool for taking up the Japanese language and has given me the courage and power to keep it up. The forum has many knowledgeable and charismatic members which have helped me very much throughout the language learning process. Unfortunately, the forum has been a bit vacant lately here on Rocket Japanese, so I would like to see more activity and may the Japanese forum become livelier than the others ! Although RJP was designed to help people make their lift off with learning the Japanese language, I would be extremely happy if some courses which help you prepare for the JLPT exams would be introduced here as extra-packages (may be seen as new levels :)). As always, the website seems to be growing larger and larger, new features being introduced every year. I would like to thank Rocket Languages for everything that it has offered us and also to thank Sayaka-sensei here at Rocket Japanese for making us understand how fun it can be to learn this delightful language !

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