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What is the correct sequence of doing Japanese lessons?


I am beginning the Japanese course. Is the idea that you should complete lessons 1.0-1.4 (the audio lessons) before then moving to 1.5-1.9 (the language and culture lessons) and then 1.10-1.14 (the writing lessons)? Or do you the first audio lesson and then the first language and culture lesson and then the first writing lesson and progress in that way?

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Hi GregoryW8, 

Welcome to our family! The course overall is flexible enough to allow you to choose which lessons to take first. As a general guideline, you'd follow the numbers in the lessons and therefore, you'd take the audio lessons first, then the language and culture lessons, then the writing lessons and then the survival kit lessons; however, you can follow the order you like; some learners feel better taking one lesson of each section at a time, some others taking the grammar or writing lessons first. You can explore different approaches and determine how you feel better. 

Kind Regards!


I really love the flexibility of this program.  Sometimes I really want to do grammar, other times I want to learn new vocabulary so I do the survival lessons.  I  know a lot of the vocabulary from these lessons, which helps me speak to my Japanese-fluent aide at work.  Other times I love listening to the audio lessons or doing the writing.  So I can do whatever I'm in the mood for, which keeps things interesting.  Never a boring moment with Rocket Japanese! 


I would also suggest that completely at random go through and reset all the sets in a certain module and redo them as a form of revision. That helps a lot as it makes you realise that you have forgotten parts from earlier lessons and reinforces those lessons.


Tony, you are so right about that.   I do that every so often and it is a great way to review lessons that haven't been visited in a while.  You do forget if you don't use what you learn.  


Sincere thanks to everyone for the advice!


Just out of curiosity did you have any knowledge of Japanese prior to this course.

I studied Japanese in high school so before even coming across this website I had already known the hiragana and katakana alphabets 100% for at least 20 years.

I am guessing some people are learning this from scratch which is dictating the sequence you must take in the lessons? 


I was a beginner, so I started out with the beginning lessons in order.  Now I'm still doing that with lots of review, but have also been working on all the survival lessons as well.


As it's cards on the table time, I actually started this after passing the N5. My main focus was on learning to converse properly but having been through the course material it's actually a very well structured course. I prefer going through the language and culture lessons (i.e. the grammar) before the conversations. Everyone is different, so it's a bit hit and miss, but when you find out what works for you stick with it.


I think that is the hardest challenge for everyone learning to converse or put our knowledge into sentences. I can understand much more than I can speak and it is frustrating at times. When I look at how far I have come since high school it is a confidence boost but still this language is a long journey.

What I would really like is the ability to make more lessons and share flash cards. With this website we are not able to upload audio for our own private custom flash cards. I have 1000's of audio words in native Japanese that I have recorded personally of sentences, words, grammar from Japanese people I worked with and have made my own unique flash cards. My only wish is to someday share them if I can upload audio to this website.


But Yes out of all the courses I have seen this Rocket Website is the best for sentences and everyday events. It can help us to rearrange words and make our own sentences.

Sometimes in revision I do the lessons in reverse just to mix things up a bit. I am often resetting all scores to zero and starting random lessons again each day.


Me, too, Tony.   I do the  lessons backwards sometimes so I can try to remember and speak the previous sentence by memory.  It sounds like we learn and study a lot the same way.  Luckily, I have a co-worker who speaks Japanese, so I get a little bit of talking practice, too.

Luke san

I started trying to go through the lessons in ascending order but found that the second lesson was asking to write answers in hiragana, so it confused me a lot!
I then ended up doing the first lesson from each section one after another, (with a two day break to memorise the hiragana). 
It has really helped a lot starting on the hiragana early. At least for me! 


Whatever works for you is the way to do it.  Good idea to work on the hiragana.


Rocket Languages likes to group according to type (Interactive 1-5 / Language & Culture 6-10 / Writing 11-15), but I'm finding as I go along that it makes more sense for me to alternate between the Interactive and Language & Culture lessons (2.0, 2.6, 2.2, 2.7, etc.). It's nice that the program is flexible that way.

To anyone new to Japanese writing systems, I recommend doing Writing Modules 1-4 right away. It may seem a Herculean task but it will open up more reading possibilities like manga and children's books.


I absolutely love the grouping that Rocket does.  It makes so much sense.  I did the kana work early on.  It's almost necessary.

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