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4.8 playing instruments ~ ピアノ を ひきます / I play piano



In module 4.8 we're taught:
ピアノ を ひきます。
ピアノ を 弾きます。
I play piano.

I can remember this, but I would like to know if「ピアノ を  たたきます」is ever used? It seems the Japanese verb used is based on the action required (plucking, blowing, striking) to make the instrument sound, but pianos are not plucked. The strings are stuck by  hammers, which are triggered by fingers/hands striking the keys.  Does anyone know the etymology of using 「ひきます」?



Hi 夫婦茶碗さん,

「たたきます」is not used, only「ひきます」.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the etymology of using「ひきます」, but it seems that it is used as a general term for playing an instrument if you are not sure how that instrument is played, if that makes sense.

Also, apparently,「ひきます」is used with instruments that use string to make music, despite the movement/action involved in producing the sound?

Sorry I cannot be more helpful on this!



Knowing that ひきます is used as a general term is helpful. Thank you Crystal. :)


In all the grammar books I have the above hikimasu is only used with piano and no other for it.

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