In Lessen 2.5 it says
Nara ni yūmē na ōkii o tera ga arimasu.
Shouldn't the first of the two adjectives be in the te form?


I have just being doing lesson 2.5 and so even though it in 9 months since you posted your message, meaning you will probably have moved much further along, I thought I would reply - to check my understanding, as much as anything.

As I understand it, the te form is for verbs, not adjectives.
Adjectives can be い or な adjectives - At least I do not know of any te form for adjectives.
 有名, being a な-adjective that is coming before the noun it is describing (お寺), becomes 有名な...
 大きい being an い-adjective does use な.

If I am wrong, please let me know.


Hi everyone!

As sabine-veronikaさん has pointed out, that is a bit of an unusual sentence. Grammatically speaking, the sentence should be:
「なら に ゆうめい で おおきい おてら が あります。」

Adjectives do have て Forms as well. They are used to conjugate sentences so that they give an "and" meaning.  Generally, て Form for い Adjectives are「〜くて」and the "て” Form for な Adjectives is simply leaving out the「な」and adding 「で」.
E.g.「おおきくて」and「ゆうめい で」.

You encounter the て Form for Adjectives in Lesson 8.8, so look forward to it! :)

I hope this helps, and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.
がんばって ください!


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