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Asking for a drink -- onegai shimasu vs. kudasai


Am I correct in that I would use onegai shimasu for a more formal, polite setting vs. say with a friend? For example, I would ask a waitress, waiter, or a new acquaintance this way: mizu, onegai shimasu vs. Asking a friend or loved one: mizu, kudasai


Hello, When asking someone for a drink in Japanese you can actually use both: お茶お願いします。 お茶をください。 But you would normally use ください。asお願いします  is very polite. :)


Sorry for the late response, but thank you Risaさん




I was wondering about this myself.  Thanks for the answer.


I would probably add that on my visits to Japan, on the first instance of interaction with a business I would use the onegaishimasu form and then revert to kudasai onward. For example the first drink at the bar would be with onegaishimasu. Then after kudasai.

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