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How would you ask "shall we go for lunch tomorrow?" Also, an entirely separate topic is "1180 yen" the same thing as sen hyaku hachi juu yen? Thanks


Hi Derek, "Shall we go for lunch tomorrow" in Japanese is: あすランチいきましょうか。 Asu ranchi ikimasyouka Yes, 1180 yen is sen hyaku hachi juu yen せん ひゃく はちじゅう えん Best wishes, Keiko



Hi there. Can we say: "Shall we go for lunch tomorrow" in Japanese is: あした 昼御飯 一緒にきましょうか。


Hi Young 6, Yes that is also correct except for a small error in the "go" in Japanese, it should be: あした 昼御飯 一緒に 行きましょうか(いきましょうか)。 The い is missing. Otherwise it is all correct! Best wishes, Keiko

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