benkyo shite

So in the sentence in lesson 1.4 "Dore gurai nihon go benkyo shite imasu ka" Is shite part of benkyo? Im a tad bit confused. :)


Puddle san, Konnichiwa! In the sentence: *Dore gurai nihon go benkyo shite imasu ka* YES, the *SHITE* is part of *BENKYO* :D *Benkyo* by itself is a _*noun *_and translates as "one's study" or "studies" you need the verb *SURU* "to do" to make it a _*verb*_: _"TO STUDY"_ You form lots of Japanese verbs by putting a noun in front of *SURU* and conjugating just *SURU*. Here's how the verb *SURU* is conjugated: *SURU* "I do" *SHINAI* "I don't do" *SHITA * "I did" Here are some examples: *Denwa o suru* : "to call someone" *Shigoto o suru*: "to work" *Tenisu o suru*: "to play tennis" :D

AHH!! that makes much much more sense.... i kept getting shitte and shite confused thinking it was something along the lines of how long have you been known to study Japanese....or something like that. lol your a lot of help :)

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