Correct usage of TOKI NI




I was hoping someone could help me with the word toki.

Is it correct to  use the TA form of a verb to express: when I....
For example:

When i was in japan – nihon ni ita toki ni sake o nomimashita

When i went to japan – nihon ni itta toki ni sake o nomimashita
When i worked in japan – nihon ni hataraita toki ni....
When i lived in japan – nihon ni sunda toki ni.....

These examples are past tense but could I use the same structure for future tense, such as:

When I go to Japan I will drink sake - nihon ni itta toki ni sake o nomimasu

yoroshiku onegaishimasu



so this is how you use toki ni in a sentence


This reply is for reference only:

Toki can be used with any form of verb.

Janice-D14    I found this page very helpful when I was trying to learn about toki. Since this post is a little older--you have probably found an answer to your question. Bu I thought I post it. 

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