desu masu

do desu and masu mean the same thing? just one is more polite then the other?


Desu and Masu are *NOT* the same! :shock: *MASU* is usually added to the shortest form (which cannot stand alone) of a verb, you can call it a verb suffix that makes affirmative polite verbs. For example, let's take the verb "_to eat_", *TABERU*. The shortest form, or stem form, is *TABE*, now add *MASU*, and you get "_I eat_" - politely. There are four verb endings used to speak politely: For affirmative present verbs, add -*MASU* For negative present verbs, add -*MASEN* For affirmative past verbs, add -*MASHITA* For negative past verbs, add -*MASENDESHITA* Now *DESU* is a VERB, "TO BE". It expresses the identity or state of people and things. It's used in the following pattern: X wa Y desu. *DESU* follows a noun or an adjective. So, to say I am well, you would say *WATASHI WA GENKI DESU*. :idea:

Thank you for answering my questions....ive just started with the rocket lessons so i dont know much and im fairly sure the answer is somewhere in the lessons i just havnt gotten that far yet. arigato!

so wait...if desu is a verb can you add masu to desu?

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