are ga and wa different? Or can they be used the same way? ありがと!!!


Pascal-san, I can't find that wonderful post you made about ga and wa...again ! Kitty-Cupcake-san, please wait for Pascal-san to find his own post about this, because he once did an excellent explanation about the particles ga and wa :)


Kitty-Cupcake, Here is a basic explanation of ga and wa when marking subjects/topics of sentences: ga can be used kind of like an 'of all things'. For example, I (of all people) eat --> わたしがたべます。 wa is more general: I eat --> わたしはたべます。 Ga can also be used to mark topics, such as in lesson 3.1 when Kenny used "ga" to indicate that his idea was the topic of the sentence (ideas, feelings, that sort of thing) Wa on the other hand is used more for subjects such as in 3.1 when it marks the car as the subject of the sentence (tangible objects) As you can see, these are pretty basic, and I'm sure Pascal-san has more in-depth explanations. However, I hope these help for now!


Kitty Cupcakeさん、 It can be difficult to distinguish the slight difference in use for は and が。 In the simplest form, は gives emphasis to the subject: E.g. マンゴーがすきです。 I like mangoes.  マンゴーは好きです。 I like mangoes (but I don't like something else..e.g. another tropical fruit) There's an emphasis in the second sentence that the speaker likes mangoes. The speaker may not like fruit in general but may just like mangoes. 私は果物が好きじゃないが、マンゴーは好きです。 I don't like fruit but I "do" like mangoes.

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