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Incorrect translation in Module 2.8?



In module 2.8, translations are given such as:

toire de ikimasu
to go to the bathroom


tabako o kaimasu
to buy cigarettes

In the "imasu" form they're in, don't they mean "I will go to the bathroom" and "I will buy cigarettes," respectively (with the other given examples following suit)? In order to maintain their "to (do)" form, shouldn't the verbs be "iku" and "kau," respectively (with the other given examples following suit)?

Just in the previous module, 2.7, this was the case. For example...

tabako o suu
to smoke cigarettes I'm a bit confused as to why, if I'm mistaken, the Japanese verbs would have shifted tense meaning in 2.8.

Thank you!
toru e

toru e

Correct, they're the conjugated polite form, not the infinitive (dictionary/plain form), so there shouldn't be a "to" (also, it should be toire ni ikimasu [トイレに 行きます」, because iku [いく / 行く] is directional).


こんにちは (Konnichiwa) JohnB232,

Thanks for your question!

Just as toru e says, you are 100% correct! 

The first example should say "go to the bathroom," since it uses the polite form of the verb: いきます (ikimasu),  and the second example should say "buy cigarettes," since it uses the polite form かいます (kaimasu). 
Just like you say, these verbs should only be translated as "to go" and "to buy" when they are in the plain form: いく (iku) and かう (kau). 

Also, as toru e suggests, the first example should be corrected to トイレ に いきます (toire ni ikimasu), since we use the particle に (ni) to mark a destination or location. 

We are terribly sorry for the confusion! Fortunately, we have brand new Language and Culture lessons for level 1, with new and improved translations that should make things a lot clearer! Be sure to check them out!

Hope this helped, and please let us know if you have any other questions! 

べんきょう を がんばって ください ! (Benkyō o ganbatte kudasai!)


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