Is it acceptable?


Is it acceptable, since I'm a male to say instead of watashi no namae wa jifu desu; to say boku no namae wa jifu desu to introduce myself.


From my understanding, boku would be appropiate to use, but it would just depend on who you are around.  Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this, but there are generally 4 different greetings a male can use depending on context.

Watakushi: This would be if someone like the Prime Minister or a President was around.  You would use this to show the ultimate respect.

Watashi: The most formal in most situations.  Since being polite in most situations is part of Japanese culture, you would probably want to use Watashi.

Boku: This technically isn't rude, but its more informal for close friends and family.  If you are at something low key like a sporting event or a cookout, then Boku would be more acceptable (though when in doubt, use Watashi).   But if you are at a job interview, you would want to stick with Watashi.

Ore: This one is interpreted as boastful and crude.  No etiquette. 

So in summary...

Watakushi: Salutations my most esteemed guest!  What pleasantries surround you today?
Watashi: Greetings sir or madam.  How are you?
Boku: Hello.  How is it going?
Ore: Yo!   How it be?


It may sound childish to them, it is generally a school boy age introduction. Best to stick with watashi only and you cannot go wrong.

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