Lessons 1.2 Tea Time


In lesson 1.2 atatakai/ 暖かい is not used correctly. 
atatakai/ 暖かい = Warm
atsui/ 暑い = Hot.

toru e

Hi Tcollins89, actually the lesson is correct. While we say "hot" tea/coffee, the Japanese use something like "hot/warm to the touch" (あたたかい / 暖かい). For them, something あつい  (暑い) would burn you, and it's also used for weather.

The same is true for さむい (寒い) "cold" which is used for weather, versus つめたい (冷たい) "cold/cool to the touch" that is used for beverages.

On the beverage vending machines in Japan (じどうはんばいき / 自動販売機), you will see selections for 冷たい (つめたい) and 暖かい (あたたかい).

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