nemure sō desu


Hi everybody

I don't understand the construction in lesson 3.5. To say "it seems i can sleep" they say "nemure sō desu" but I would have expected "nemureru sō desu". What is the construction of sō desu with a verb ?
Thank you


toru e

Hi Abgueguen, this involves a similar grammar point as the 〜すぎる (~sugiru) question in another thread, so I thought I'd post the Tofugu link here too. The 〜そうです (~sō desu) (seems, hearsay)  uses the construction: Verb stem + そうです, so it's:

ねむれる (nemureru) - Potential form of to sleep, to be able to sleep
ねむれます (nemuremasu)- conjugated present, polite form
For ichidan ("ru") verbs, the ーます (-masu) ending is removed to form the stem: ねむれます (nemuremasu)
So the stem is: ねむれ (nemure)


Thanks a lot Toru

Now I understand. I was not aware that the construction of "sō desu" was either the adjectif on its stem form or the verb on its stem form. Indeed stem form for nemuremasu is nemure therefore "nemure sō desu". Thank you so much again


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