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Placement of Japanese Adjectives


Hey, I was listening to a song in Japanese, and it used the phrase "Aoi ano sora." So, can adjectives be placed before ano/kono/sono and is it common?

                      Thanks in advance,



Grammatically speaking, it is not correct to use adjectives before ano/kono/sono and they should be used after.
E.g. あの青い空 ー あの あおい そら ー ano aoi sora

However, phrases like the one in the song you were listening to is common in modern Japanese.
The phrase in the song is most likely 「青い、あの空」which is more akin to how we could say in (albeit, broken) English "It was blue, that sky". It simply places the emphasis on the fact that the sky was blue, rather than the focus being on "the blue sky" or "the sky."

I hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions :)



Ohhh...  that makes sense. I think I get it now, Thanks for all the help!

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