question about lesson 10.4


Occasionally in the lessons I see a verb tense that I am not familiar with, like the following.  Can someone explain the conjugation of kaeru?

Otorikae itashimasukedo





The main sentence here is: お取替え いたします (Otorikae itashimasu)

The verb 替える(kaeru) here is used in the compound verb 取り替える(torikaeru) which means to exchange/replace.

This sentence is being spoken by a store clerk using honorific (super polite) Japanese and so she uses the structure [お + verb stem + します/いたします] to say that she will replace the goods, instead of only [取替えます]. She further uses いたします instead of します to be even more polite.

The verb stem of 取替えます is 取替え which results in the above sentence: お取り替え いたします (otorikae itashimasu).

Keep up the good work and がんばって ください!


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