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question from 2.4 Catching a Ride


i didn't quite understand this part of the sentence お やすみ で きて いる の です か 
what is "iru no desk ka" really mean in this sentence? does it has something relate to " ~tai no desu ga?"

can i also ask お やすみ で きてimashita ka? instead?


Hi gunn-t,

You use "(verb)-teiru" to talk about one's present situation. That's why in this sentence, kiteirunodesuka ((kuru・come)-teiru) means "are you here/have you come here on vacation?". And "nodesuka" ending makes it into a question. You can't say "kite imashitaka" because this would mean "were you here on vacation?", talking about the past, as imashita is the past tense of iru. 


Thank you!

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