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Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Grammar SNAP ON WORDS (Suffixes): A powerful linguistic tool.

SNAP ON WORDS (Suffixes): A powerful linguistic tool.



Suffixes or, add on words, is a wonderful tool available, to all of us! By learning just a SINGLE Japanese suffix, and, snapping it onto many of the words you already know, you double your vocab on the spot! So here are just a few of the colloquial and humorous suffixes- snap on words :) : __People suffixes__ ~マニア -MANIA (-maniac, -fanatic, someone who can’t get enough of…) *Opera-mania*: _Opera fanatic_ *Kā-mania*: _Auto-maniac _ ~ぼう -BŌ (-person) *Kechin-bō*: _Miser_ *Kuishin-bō*: _Glutton, pig_ ~の たつじん -NO TATSUJIN (-expert, -ologist) *Ryōri no tatsujin*: _Master of cooking, super chef_ __Other suffixes__ ~っぽい -PPOI (-ish, seeming) *Onna-ppoi*: _Feminine_ *Kodomo-ppoi*: _Childish_ ~くさい -KUSAI (-smells like) Uso-kusai: _Smells fishy, implausible_ ~きょうふしょう -KYŌFUSHŌ (-phobia, -allergy) *Kōsho-kyōfushō*: _Fear of heights, acrophobia_ *Hēsho-kyōfushō*: _Claustrophobia_ __Verb suffixes__ ~まくる -MAKURU (-to do in excess) *Shaberi-makuru*: _Jabber your head off_ *Kai-makuru*: _Shop till you drop_ ~つぶれる -TSUBURERU (–to do till you drop) *Nomi-tsubureru*: _drink till you’re in a state of collapse_ :o


Awesome! :lol: *watashi no Nomi-no tatsujin* Give us some more suffixes pls?

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