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Konnichiwa. I just began studying Japanese a few days ago. I currently do not know anyone who speaks or is studying Japanese, so I have been practicing by speaking to myself! Was wondering if anyone might be interested in practicing together over the phone or on Skype? Any advice on tutoring for the benefit of speaking to someone who is fluent in Japanese? Arigato!

こんにちわ、クリスチャンさん。はじめまして。おげんきですか?I just wanted to say that I understand what you're going through. I have to admit that I have been a little discouraged about doing lessons of late because I just don't know of anyone who is currently studying or who speaks Japanese, whom I can practice with! So, if you're keen, I'd like to practice over Skype, if you're still up for it! Anyway, if you are, please feel free to leave me a message through my inbox. I will reply as soon as I can. In the mean time, since we've both come this far, let's keep practicing with the resources that we've received through Rocket Japanese, whom by the way, has the best team of teachers on board! ありがとおございます! Until next time, じゃあまたね!


If you want to meet Japanese people to practice writing, reading, speaking (etc.) in Japanese people. You can visit Lang-8.com and meet some nice Japanese people who are trying to learn english as well. Basically you can help them with their English and they can help you with your Japanese. So yeah it's a fun site overall as everyone helps each other out and everyone prospers.


Hey guys I am also interested in practicing with others please let me know if anyone is interested.

こんにちわ、マクドソンさん。おげんきですか? はい、日本語が話せましょうか?Yeah Mark, its kinda hard not being able to verbally practice what you've learnt! If you don't mind a skype type conversation, that would be cool! However, in order to speak or to hear well, I have to turn my webcam off. If I have both on, the audio becomes very distorted during the conversation, whereby nothing can be heard but dead air, which only lasts for a few seconds but its really distracting and it happens very often! Ah, just some of the disadvantages of having a sick computer...lol...Anyway, let me know if ya up for challenge! がんばってね!じゃあまた!


My Skype name is otiskopp If anyone wants to practice, you can download skype for free and as long as you have a mic for your computer we can chat.


Minnasan Subarashī desu! :lol: This is great that everyone is helping each other improve their Japanese speaking ability. Gambatte kudasai. -Sayaka


It has been a while (a few years) but I'm back and going strong!! Anyone want to practice on skype or google voice or any other online program we can use to communicate? Let me know!!!


i am looking forward to learn japanese but there is no one to practice with and no native speakers. so i am going to recommend a website where you can make friends worldwide from anywhere including japan. http://www.italki.com


konichiwa im caytlynn im 8 and i love japanese thing, people, and the language if anyone could help me speak or something cuz i would be really happy and other things i cant spell right XD so ya


catylynn im 14 and i love pretty much everything about japan and japanese to just inbox me if you need help with anything


Dear All, Besides Rocket Japanese, I also have a private Japanese language teacher who teaches me Japanese twice a week (one hour for each lesson) via Skype. She is based in Japan and her hourly rate is ¥2000. As I plan to take JLPT N3 this year, I find it helpful to have a private Japanese tutor who can guide me through the tests.

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