Use of "kara" in Lesson 3.5.


Hi there!

Can anyone explain why "kara" is used in the sentence "Demo ima kara Karaoke no jikan desu yo!"?

Previously, it was explained that "now" was expressed as "ima wa".




Hi Michael, 

You are right, if you translate it literally. But now it's time for..... or it's time for.... now is an expression even in English isn't it, to say Karaoke will begin now, rather than a word to word literal meaning, and for the equivalent expression in Japanese, you always use "imakara". If you say "ima wa" it has a slightly different meaning, more like "right now/right this moment is Karaoke time" rather than the expression now it's time for... .

I hope this makes it clear for you.


Ok, thanks!

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