Why is iru used here?


Hello on one of the mega cards it states 'Isu wa kirei ni narande iru.'

Surely because they are in-animate it should be aru?

Thanks :0


Hi Stefan,

There are two different uses of "iru".

1. Use it like a verb to say "there is/there are", using "aru" for non-living things and "iru" for people/living things. 

2. Use it with another verb. "narande(narabu=line up) iru" which means (chairs) are lined up. Here, "iru" is used with the verb "narabu". When you use "iru" with another verb preceding it, it means that something is going on - describes what is taking place. 

I hope this makes things clear for you.


Ah ok, thanks :)

S, its like when we say tabete iru (is eating) ?


Yes that is correct :)
miteiru - seeing/watching
kiiteiru - listening

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