Yō desu / Sō desu / Ne / Yo

イ リ ニ


I have a question about the modules up to 3.5.   As these phrases keep popping up, I want to make sure I more or less understand how to use them.  Could someone please see advise if my assumptions are correct/incorrect here?

Ne                               Softens the sentence, makes it sound more friendly.  Asks for agreement.
Yō desu                       It seems like / it looks like
Yō desu ne                 It seems like it, doesn’t it
Sō desu                       Yes, that’s right – it is / it looks like I can
Sō desu ne                 Is that right (friendlier, softer, asks for confirmation but it’s not a question)
Sō desu ka?                I see? / Is that right? / Is that so? / Is it...?
Ii desu ne                     Sounds good (friendlier, softer, asks for confirmation)
Ii desu ka?                   May I, is it good / ok to? / permission to?
Ii desu yo                     Sure!  It’s ok / good!
Desu ne                       Isn’t it?  Right?  Doesn’t it?  Aren’t you? (asks for agreement)
Desu yo                       Places emphasis (e.g. tada desu yo!) / that's for sure!
Desu yo ne                 Isn’t it? / Right!  (softens / emphasizes, e.g. muzukashii desu yo ne)

Thank you very much!


Hi イリニさん!

Your summary seems pretty spot on :) However, please note that, while those phrases generally have those meanings, how they are translated can vary depending on the context.

Keep up the good work. がんばって ください ね!


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