Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Vocab about lesson 1.2 "tea time".....

about lesson 1.2 "tea time".....

Up untill i found this program online, ive been teaching myself Japanese. Being fairly familiar with the early lessons i move on quickly and noticed something that kind of through me off... When Keni says: "Sumimasen, nani ka atatakai nomi mono o kudasai." Doesn't that mean: "Excuse me, What hot beverages do you have?" As opposed to what they say: "Excuse me, could I have something hot to drink?" I know it almost means the same thing, but i was just wondering which was more accurate?


i think this "excuse me, could i have something hot to drink" makes more sense. nomi being "drink", mono "thing"

oh i see.....i think i was just a little confused on the words meaning...ether way it really means that same thing. :D Arigato!

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